Monday, April 5, 2010

New Horizons

Hi there,

Am returning after a very long time. Last 8 - 9 months have been very hectic and have brought about a huge change in my life. I am doing something very exciting in my life now, something which I am loving every moment of, and something will shape my desitny.

Have taken on a new assigment, and i am now in the process of creating a new business. I am back into the field of Lighting, a field I enjoy immensely and care about. I now have a chance to make a major impact on my environment - both aesthetically as well as from the Energy concerns.

With this change also comes the need to get back to blogging and exploring my inner self even further.

All I can say is - I will not give this up. Had a blip and a depay, but I am back again.

Love and Care, Vishwajeet Sphere: Related Content

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