Monday, October 13, 2008

Hope and Faith not Fear and Despair - Shaping your perceptual spectrum

Last two weeks have been - what can I say - eventful. We had so many crises one after another. First the US crisis. Then the European crisis. Then our own Indian (rumoured) crisis.
Yes, there was a liquidity issue in India. But was it enough to be a crisis point? I do not know. When the whole world was reducing interest rates to spur the economy (to avert a crisis, which probably increased the magnitude eventually), our RBI governor kept on tightening. As a result, we have ample scope to reduce both the CRR now as well as the interest rates. I mean we are hovering around 14 % interest rates, while US is @ 1.5%. Any further and they would actually start doling out money for customers to borrow. Aren't we in India in a much better shape.

But inspite of this, we had so much rumour mongering - largely about ICICI Bank. Again, I am not the expert to comment on whether this is true or false.

But I am a salesman, and I think - how does this impact me? Do I fill myself with Fear and Despair about the future? Do I fear about missing target quotas? Will my company start downsizing? Will people loose jobs? Well fact is, I don't know. Only time will tell how deep the wounds are.

But is the fear of future possible pain making me feel despair today? If yes, then I have already written my future (or rather, lack of it) as a salesman even without any of this happening.

So what will I as a salesman do? I will nurture Hope and Faith. Hope of a return to normalcy soon, but importantly, faith in my own ability as a salesman to tide over this present and temporary crisis.

I will write more about this in my next post.

While the mainstream media (read TV, Newspapers) were busy spreading news about the bleak future ahead, I think the Social Media Role is to spread cheer, hope and faith in our own ability to withstand this, unlike the depressing role being played out by the mainstream media.
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